Manor of Skighaugh
Nulle terre sans seigneur

Domesday Book of 1086

Hundred of Tendring. R[obert] holds [Great and Little] Oakley in demesne, which Ælfric Cempa held

as a manor and as 10 hides TRE. Then and later [there were] 12 villans; now 11. Then and later [there

were] 20 bordars; now 30. Then and later [there were] 10 slaves; now 5. Then as now [there were] 3

ploughs in demesne. Among the men [there were] 10 ploughs; now 9. [There is] woodland for 100

pigs. [There are] 8 acres of meadow. [There is] now 1 mill, 2 salt-pans, pasture for 20 sheep. [There

were] then 10 horses; now 4. [There were] then 10 head of cattle; now 5. Then as now [there were]

200 sheep less 20. [There were] then 20 pigs; now 15. It was worth £11 then and when received. Now

it is worth £16. Of this manor Ralph holds 2 hides and 10 acres and [there are] 13 bordars and 1

plough and it is worth 30s. in the above valuation. And Robert holds of a certain free man land...

The Tendring Hundred in 1678