Manor of Skighaugh
Nulle terre sans seigneur


This page is devoted to information about the feudal Manor of Skighaugh in Essex England, as well as its Lord of the Manor.

This is a particularly interesting lordship as it was once held by Richard of Gloucester, the famous usurper Richard III who murdered his nephews the two princes in the Tower of London. It has impeccable provenance having been re-granted by Edward VI via royal letters patent in 1551. By the early 1700s it had been sold to the famous Guy's Hospital where it remained for centuries until just recently.


The feudal Manor of Skighaugh is located in and around the town of Great Oakley in Essex England. Historicaly it was part of the Tendring Hundred.

Place names can give an indication of the age of a settlement such as Skighaugh. The name may come from the word 'Healh', meaning nook of land once owned by a man with the Anglo-Scandinavia name of Skegge.

The heraldic badge of the Manor of Skighaugh. The version shown below was painted by Andrew Stewart Jamieson.

Heraldic badge of the Manor of Skighaugh as painted by Andrew Stewart Jamieson.